Interesting Facts you Need to Know Before you Start your Home Renovation

Home renovation- one of the tough things house owners must go through.

No matter, how many renovations you have seen, it always comes with their unique and pack of surprises. Whether it is renovating a failed roof or wiring the things that are not up to the code, you must be well prepared before you start them. Here are vital things that you should be aware of before you start renovating your home.

Pay More Attention to the Stairs

This is something you have to pay attention as it will impact the rest of your house. So think twice and thrice about whether to keep the stairs in the same place or you want to change the spot.


 It Won’t Be Perfect

Although you had a great idea about house renovation and been a part of multiple renovations, still it may be difficult to think of everything and to do everything perfectly. No matter how much you think and how hard you try, there will always be something about which you will be not entirely satisfied and feel you would have done differently or in still better way.

Mostly it is Not Possible to Meet your Deadline

Most of the people think they would able to meet their deadlines that they kept for renovation. However, that is certainly not true. Things take much longer than you expect because of your indecisiveness or if products not being in stock like the weather, etc.

You Would Go Over Budget

Unfortunately, it happens in most of the cases. While some things go unexpectedly during the renovation, some things could end up costing more than you anticipated. The budget can almost become double as you can’t compromise on quality because you’re going to be in that place for 10, 20 or 30 years. However, if you compromise on few things, you can stay on budget.

Stick to a Quote and Change Order

Always stick to a quote and change the order. Write every expense you made on renovation work and change down. By this, you can know exactly where you spend the extra money. If you don’t do this, then it would become very difficult to you to know about where that money went and on what you spent it.

It’s Going to Take Longer than you Think

If you think work could get finished by 8-10 weeks, then it would take at least 14-15 weeks. Surely, you will get ended up being disappointed if you plan to finish your renovation before a certain season or occasion. Most of the people complained that their renovation underwent overdue and over budget. Though this is a tough pill to swallow, it is one of the main things you have to be prepared for.

Hire a Single Person to Manage your Home Renovation

Instead of hiring different persons for different purposes like project management, designing, design assistance, etc. who are not accountable for home renovation as a whole, it is best to hire one person who was accountable for the whole project. This idea could save both your money and time in the long run.

Be prepared with these points before you start your next renovation!

Budget-friendly Tips to Make the House Look a Way More Beautiful and Expensive

Who doesn’t want their home to be beautiful? But most of the people think that make-over of home can break their banks. However, it is not necessary, using simple home decorating hacks can bring more style to your living place on a small budget. Here are few budget-friendly tips that can make your house to look more beautiful than you expect.

Add a Pop of Colour

Painting is one of the cheapest things you can prefer to make your home beautiful. Paint is inexpensive yet makes a big difference. Whether you want to tone up a colour or want to add pleasant colour to enhance the beauty of your bedroom, painting with the colour you love is the best method for changing the overall feel of your home or a particular room. A good wash of colour could cost only around $32 for a gallon.

Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the main things you have to invest on to beautify your room as they offer the best way to accessorize and also to brighten your room. You can buy these throw pillows, or even you can make them on your own. To improve the look of the room, throw all the older throw pillows from your room and replace them with the fuller and bright pillows. If you don’t want to throw your old throw pillows, then you can buy good new pillow covers for them to make them beautiful. To make this more attractive, mix and match the colours and also textures. Combine different groupings. As always having too much is not better, don’t go for too many pillows. Follow these calculations to have a perfect set-up on your sofa.

Hang Art on the Walls

Hanging eye-catching arts, family photos and good looking framed works can add more beauty to your house and can make a house to feel like a home. However, before mounting all these things, just figure out where they would look beautiful. Everything should be placed in a perfect place and in a proper way. Also, make sure that size and scale of the art are perfect for the wall you are hanging it. It is needed to hang only costly artwork on the empty wall; if you are creative, then you can make it on your own by creating some inexpensive artwork. If you visit your local craft store, you can find all the things you need to create a beautiful framed artwork.

Add an Area Rug

Adding area rugs can bring a lot of difference to your room. These rugs help for ground furniture groupings and will add more beauty to an area. If you want your living room to look cost, then it is recommended to make all your furniture sit on this area rug.

Light Up The Room

Both source lightning and nature lightening are significant to a home. Don’t block all the windows as they could avoid natural lightning from reaching your home interiors. Make sure that you keep floor lamps throughout the space.

These are the few inexpensive ways you can follow to make your home appear brighter and beautiful.

Best Ways to Keep Your Home Clean During Remodeling

While you plan for remodeling your house, debris and dust are two main side effects that come to your mind. These two are the main problems related to many home renovation works and projects. Though constant dusting and sweeping and can keep your home cleaner during a remodeling project, it could be difficult to do frequently. Whether you are planning for brand-new bathroom or a re-imagined bedroom or planning to have an entirely new addition to a room, remodeling projects make you get exciting changes in your home. However, these exciting changes bring sawdust on the floor and drywall dust in the air and also plenty of debris covering round the home.

If you are planning to get through your remodel without these problems, then here are some proactive steps to follow to keep your home and its environment clean during whole remodeling process:


Take It Out:

While you plan to start your remodeling work, then remove all the things from the room or from the area which you want to remodel. If possible remove the furniture, decoration items, clothing, and all other household items and leave the renovation area as empty as possible. By doing this, you can prevent your household items becoming dusty during the renovation process. It also avoids accidental damage to household goods.

Cover It Up:

If you can take your household items from renovation area, then cover them with plastic. In most of the cases, you will have big items and like almirah, double cart bed, furniture and fixtures made out of glass and few more that you cannot get out of the room. However, at any given time when one of the objects made of glass get into bad situation you can rely to someone like Glazier Brisbane who can fix it. So, if you want preserve the looks of these type of items in your home, then cover them completely with plastic during a remodeling process. This will avoid dust from getting stuck into the breaks and gaps of furniture and items. This also helps finishing of the items to not to get a dull look.

Isolate The Area:

Keep renovation area isolated, to keep remaining areas of your home tidy. Before renovation process starts, talk to the contractor and ask him if there are any plans or methods to keep the house away from debris. Depending on the type of project, you can ask your contractor to keep plastic sheeting over the doors to seal the area. If you are planning for extensive home remodeling, you can ask the contractor to cover door frames with heavier plastic tarps.

Stay On The Path:

If remodeling process is going at your inner room that is away from an entry door of your house, then it is better to build a path using carpet scraps for the areas where the contractors will be walking. This will prevent a contractor from tracking duct and sand throughout the home, while they are going from renovation area to other room in your home. Every day, after the contractor work gets finished, take off this carpet tarp and shake them off out of the duct at outside the home. This is the best method prevent the debris and mud from spreading throughout the house.

Along with all these steps, also follow daily clean-ups. Ask your contractor to clean up every night when they leave as this will help to reduce the amount of mud and debris and dirt that spreads through the house.

Home Remodel Tips

Thousands of homeowners make the decision to remodel their home every year. Change, is the most common reason behind this remodeling project. You can easily turn your home into the dream house you always wanted!

Matching your new appliances to your new kitchen decor, after the remodeling has been completed, is the best way to get the perfect kitchen. The professionals of remodeling services increase the value of your home and provide you with more effective kitchen space. They produce a well-equipped kitchen. You can choose your type of wood, style, kitchen size and construction; they will provide all the storage solution and decorative enhancements which makes the functioning of the kitchen easier.

Everyday your Bathroom is the first and last room you use. Bathrooms are the cozy rooms in your house you can retire to, to take a revitalizing hot shower at the end of a stressful day. Bathrooms that once looked nice and fresh soon start to look a bit run down and worn. Remodeling can give it the earlier look back. It can even be redesigned to cater to the handicap. The remodeling craftsmen design stylish, accessible and barrier-free bathrooms for handicap homeowners. Their bathroom can be redesigned for wheelchair access. It can be made easier by replacing the tub with a shower. Toilets can have raised seats and toilet grab bars can be installed to support their transfer from a wheelchair.


In case you want to go in for room additions, you can get the area sketched and divide the portion according to your requirement. Hence, you get extra room in current area. 

The exterior design enhances the look of the property. These remodel projects develop the clear defined area. Provide doors that are easy to open and get through. They take care of the parking which must be provided near the entrance with sufficient space. Design Landscaping with maintenance in mind as well as hiring the best concrete pump hire brisbane. They keep special place for outdoor seating. 

Interior design is often a sensitive subject. Decorative items like candles and artifacts can be easily re-arranged and placed on shelves and walls to create impressive dramatic effects and also light up those areas to give it a different look. When you are thinking of a remodel project remember to make correct use of lighting. Things like art displays, an attractive wall piece are good additions. Using positive colors can lend energy to the room. Add furniture and items that complement the total area of the room.

Interior windows shutters will add to the value and sale ability of your home while creating a relaxing, nurturing home environment. It helps to achieve style creating a clean look and also to moderate the amount of natural light entering a room and to control the amount of airflow. Benefit of interior windows through this remodel project, is the very sense of security they bring. Flooring forms the base of any interior scheme and with the many choices available it is a cakewalk.

Thus remodeling your house is not the nightmare it used to be. Approaching the right service providers will make the task easier for you.